RF Skin Tightening

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Radio Frequency Skin Lifting

Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Tightening is a minimally invasive procedure performed in our office with local anesthesia or light sedation. Get a tight, slim neck with this short, simple procedure. We use radio frequency energy to gently warm the skin, tightening and smoothing it in just a few minutes. Unlike lasers where the laser energy is absorbed by the skin’s surface, with RF the energy is absorbed by the deeper dermal layer, and stimulates the production of collagen to tighten the skin from within. RF can be used to tighten the skin of the face and neck.


What does a RF skin tightening treatment feel like?

We cleanse the area to be treated, and apply a gel to the skin. The delicate treatment wand is placed against the skin and low radio frequency energy is applied. You will feel a comfortable, warming sensation. You Embrow Beauty Therapist will adjust the temperature to the ideal treatment level. Treatment time varies depending on the area treated. Treatment usually takes between twenty and thirty minutes.


Target areas:


Anti-aging Face

  • Significant reduction in wrinkles
  • Brightening rejuvenation
  • Tightening of skin
  • Refined pores


Anti-aging on eyes

  • Significant reduction in wrinkles
  • Improved under eye area
  • Dark circles reduced


Anti-aging on neck

  • Tightening
  • Significant reduction in wrinkles
  • Improved skin elasticity
  • Dent mark repair


How many RF treatments will I need & how frequently?

The number of treatments will depend on the skin laxity, the area to be treated and the results desired.


Most patients see immediate improvement with the first treatment. However, some patients need 3 or more treatments depending on their skin condition. Embrow Beauty have RF treatment packages available to make the total amount of treatments more affordable, this is discussed in the initial consultation.


RF Tightening treatments are administered every two to three months or as desired to reach your goal. Keep in mind that the results from RF Skin Tightening is a gradual process and it may take from three to six months for the skin to tighten to desired results.


HIFU Face Lift



High Intensity Focused Ultrasound non surgical face lift with amazing results.


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) directly delivers heat energy to skin and subcutaneous tissue that can stimulate and renew the skin's collagen and thus consequently improving the texture and reducing sagging of the skin. It literally achieves the results of a facelift or a body lifts without any invasive surgery or injections, moreover, an added bonus of this procedure is that there is no downtime. This technique can be applied to the face as well as the whole body, and also, it works equally well for people of all skin colours, in contrast to that of lasers and the intense pulse lights.




  • Brighter skin; including your forehead, eyes, mouth, neck and decollete
  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles
  • Reduced appearance of eye troughs, bags and dark circles
  • Assists in slowing down the appearance of aging
  • Lifts and tightens the cheeks without the need for surgery
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Improves jaw line and face shape


Do I have to do anything before my treatment?

A consultation is always needed as this will give us a chance to assess your requirements and will help us to understand what results you are looking for so we can find the perfect solution for you.


How long does HIFU treatment take?

Each session is dependent on the treatment area, but we advise around 30 minutes per area. Your treatment will be tailored to your individual requirements which will be discussed in your pre-treatment consultation. Additional time will be required if you require more areas.


How Many Treatments Are Required?

The number of sessions depends on the clients age and skin condition. One treatment is usually sufficient on light to moderate skin laxity.


Embrow Beauty therapists are trained for one on one consulting to personalise and create custom ongoing treatments tailored to meet your beauty goals. Located in Harbourside Darling Harbour and Waterside Rhodes Embrow Beauty Salons offer; Facial treatments, Facial Peels, 3D eyebrow embroidery, waxing for men and women, Anti-aging treatments, laser hair removal, nose and ear piercing, spray tanning and more using the highest quality products including; Sothys, Hydropeptide, Omnilux, Dermaquest and Jane Iredale skin care.




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